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Retirement Focus puts you in control of your retirement plan account. As an important part of your retirement planning strategy, Retirement Focus can help you optimize your financial future by allowing you to:
  • Get current information about your account
  • Handle account transactions online
  • Plan for retirement
  • Track your progress toward your retirement savings goal
If you need help please email retirement@findleydavies.com or call the Retirement Focus Service Center toll-free at 1-888-917-7107.
Retirement Focus App
Smartphone users:
Participants in a defined contribution plan (such as a 401(k) or 403(b) plan) can now download the Retirement Focus app on their smartphone to have even greater access to account information. Search using the keywords "Retirement Focus" and start accessing your account from anywhere.
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Did You Know…
36% of Americans say they don’t contribute anything at all to their savings. [CNBC]
Did You Know…
87% of adults say they are not confident about having money for a comfortable retirement. [Lifehappens.org]
Did You Know…
Experts estimate that you will need at least 70 percent of your preretirement income – lower earners, 90 percent or more – to maintain your standard of living when you stop working.
Future Focus is designed to assist you in building a personalized plan for a financially-secure retirement. Future Focus allows you to:
  • Monitor your total retirement savings;
  • Set retirement income goals; and
  • Monitor your progress.
Remember, a financially-secure retirement starts with a plan. Start your plan today with Future Focus (Login Required).
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